Doing Research

The Hows and Whys of Applied Research

Nel Verhoeven 9789490947323 | 3e druk, 2011


The fourth edition is expected to appear in april 2015. More information >> 

Doing Research
is an introduction to research methods and statistics. It answers questions like: what does ‘doing research’ mean exactly, how do you set up a research project, which steps should you take, how do you collect data and what are the pitfalls?
This book clarifies  the complex process of doing research, both applied and academic. It explains the basic skills required for conducting research. All stages of the research process are covered step-by-step: from setting up a research project through collecting data and analyzing results, to drawing conclusions and writing a research report. Many up-to-date examples are used to establish the link to everyday practice.


Doing Research is suitable as an introduction for students in tertiary education, but it can also be used as a reference book for applied research.


Nel Verhoeven (1961) is an associate professor in methods and statistics at the University College Roosevelt in Middelburg. She also heads the Institute for Undergraduate Research ‘Eleanor’ in the same city. Nel conducted a doctoral study into statistics education at universities and colleges, and she successfully defended her PhD in 2009.


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